Adobe offers a great set of tools. I've also used Cinema 4D to pump up the graphic impact. Whatever it takes, as long as the client loves it.

  • Illustration Project, August 2016
  • 3rd Issue of TATRC Times.
  • 2nd Issue of TATRC Times.
  • Open House 3 Weeks in the making, 56 posters, plus handouts, banners, window panels.
  • Debut Issue of the TATRC Times, a quarterly newsletter, design and layout.
  • VIP Visit cover page proposals. Developed theme for VIP visit including bio treatment, cover pages, lab highlight pages and TATRC 101 brief.
  • Web App required layout suggestions and supporting graphics, icons, and page treatments.
  • Backdrop for TATRC trophy case
  • Logo Samples for BHSAI. Icons and layout suggestions for web app developed by BHSAI.
  • Farewell for General Caravalho. Sendoff for Base Commander.


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